Open weekends only 30th June – 12th August 2018

Here at The ZooLab Jungle Room, we know that keeping the kids entertained through the school holidays can be difficult. To help you beat the “I’M BORED!”, we have designed a programme of weekend activities to amuse all ages! Entertain your youngsters at our summer holiday sessions (7th July - 12th August 2018) or pop along to a public tour – whatever you choose, The ZooLab Jungle Room has it sorted!  Find out more about our family tours and themed weekends!


Summer Clubs


Little Bugs Book Club (Age 0-2) - Saturdays, 9:30am - 10am

Our The Little Bugs Book Club is back! Each week, we will focus on a different animal themed tale – children will meet animals from the story, play sensory games and singing songs!



- Week One:  Our first-week story is based on a chameleon. During this session, children will meet George Pascal and a few of his friends who are also good at hiding! Our play activity is rainbow parachute play with balls and colourful balloons!

- Week Two: Our group will sing and act out movements to a classic nursery rhyme - jungle edition. We will meet a range of The ZooLab Jungle Room animals and create a mini rainforest of handprint trees!

Week Three: Meet two of the characters from our well-known story - a frog and a snake. Dig around in 

our sensory trays to see if you can find the snail’s eggs (ping pong balls) and (plastic) bugs hiding in the 


- Week Four: This week is all about minibeasts! After hearing a story about a VERY hungry bug, we will taste and smell a range of fruit and veg that our creature friends might enjoy.

- Week Five: Meet our animals from sandy habitats 

of the world - the plains and deserts -including bearded dragons, leopard geckos, royal python and hedgehogs. We will even go and dig in our own mini desert (sandpit)

- Week Six: Hear a fantastic and very popular animal tale with a focus on rhyme. Meet some of the animals from the story and sing along with our expert animal rangers! We are going to squish, squeeze and roll playdough to make a slithery snake!



Mini Adventurers (Age 3-5) - Saturdays, 10am - 11am

Mini Adventurers can expect an introduction into a whole new world of unfamiliar creatures and animals as they explore

 the layers of the rainforest. This workshop is all about encouraging creativity and developing skills through games, story based adventurers, craft and animal handling.

ZooLab Jungle Explorers (Age 6-9) - Sundays, 10am - 11am

Jungle Explorers will join our rangers on journey through the rainforest, where they will get to see which animals live where, and why. Children are able to handle animals and discover how they have adapted to survive within the jungle. Children will be involved in games, story based adventurers, craft and animal handling,


 Mini Adventurers and Jungle Explorers Programme 

- Week One: The Forest Floor - Meet and learn about the animals that live here and find out how they have adapted to their environment. Test your senses in our animal game and put your knowledge to the test as we make a poster of the forest floor.

- Week Two: Explore the Jungle - As an interactive story-based adventure, our group will play games, follow clues and solve puzzles in order to explore the jungle.  Before setting off, we need to make binoculars to aid us in our jungle adventure.

- Week Three: The Understory - Meet and learn about the animals that live in the rainforest understory and find out about their lifecycles. Take part in a fun animal themed activity that will get children moving like the creatures that they 

have met. During our craft session, we use paper plates to create spring snakes and colour changing chameleons.

- Week Four: The Missing Rucksack - Help! Our presenter's rucksack has been stolen and we need its contents to 

guide us to the missing key.  In this interactive story-based adventure children will craft their own compass, play games 

and follow clues to solve the puzzles.

- Week Five: The Canopy - Meet and learn about the animals that live in the canopy and find out how they have adapted to their environment. Can you hiss like a snake or plank like a stick insect? During our game, when the music stops you need to stop dancing, grab a balloon and do the 

movement attached.  Use what you have learned to make a poster of the canopy.

- Week Six: Down the River - During our interactive adventure, we are faced with a river running through the jungle. Meet a range of creatures that like the water and play games such as musical lily pads and catching fish. What Jungle Room creature will the fish point is too? Follow the clues to unlock the chest and complete the adventure.






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