We are an intimate animal handling, indoor rainforest experience, like no other – in the heart of central Scotland. 

With its magnificent rock-work, jungle vines and, of course, selection of amazing rainforest animals, the dramatic setting of the jungle makes for the perfect day trip! The ZooLab Jungle Room is somewhere you can get up close and personal with animals that include chameleons, caiman lizards, sugar gliders and pancake tortoises – and see an 8ft Burmese python! It's a real jungle sights and sounds experience!


There is always something happening at The Jungle Room! Activities include –

• Guided tours 
• Animal handling sessions 
• Educational workshops
• School holiday clubs 
• Seasonal and themed events 
• Baby and toddler groups


The Jungle Room is an extremely flexible space. From stunning birthday parties, recruitment days or management meetings and team building workshops, our events team can transform The Jungle Room into anything you choose.

Opening Hours:   Closed Monday, 23rd October – Friday, 27th October.